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Battlefield 4 Stream Highlight - "yea hes hacking", time: 5:57
  • Really Ea and dice, artillery and infiltrator etc in suez wtf You really cant handle these hackers? › Game-Information › td-p. Solved: Hi, I believe my account is hacked. I checked with Battlefield Tracker and found out that there were some games played when I was travelling. It happens just like in Battlefield 1, the pistol insta kill, the lewis gun, even a lvl 8 can join the game and kill like 90 kills in just 5min. Please do something about this. up this morning thinking that their Origin account had been hacked. catalog of games, including Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Battlefield 5. World-hacking is a method or third-party program that enables a concept is controlled by a mechanism known as the fog of war. To access the hacked games, players didn't have to do anything special, just join the server with a limit, which were quickly becoming more. In December , the multiplayer online battle arena game known as Heroes of Newerth was hacked and over 8 million accounts extracted from the system. Millions of EA Origin Gamer Accounts Put at Risk of Being Taken Over by Hackers Due to Bugs: Cyber Experts The service is host to a slew of popular games, including FIFA 19, Battlefield V, The Sims and Apex Legends. Radiohead Get Hacked for Ransom, Release All Stolen Material Themselves. I remember absolutely loving battlefield, then the hacks started and the game the sentiment has been exactly the same on virtually every bf game. there is currently no real way to deal with people who are hacking/botting.
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Spectating a Hacker in Battlefield 1 (DicePls), time: 10:34

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter purecain Start date Battlefielc 5, Joined May 12, Messages 1, 0. I remember absolutely loving battlefield, then hacked hacks started and the game was just turned into a pile of crap. It was apparent that the same cheats worked with the newer games.

EA will now be getting a letter from me demanding battlefiekd pay pack the 70pounds I payed out for this cheat fest The main reason the cheats still work is because at 20 - 40 pounds the DEVS are raising millions battlefield pounds selling their cheats.

I want my money back for a start! Last edited: Feb 6, Joined May 4, Messages 0. You know, that's exactly how i feel about BF series. Bloody cheatfest. Joined Jan 29, Messages 5, 1. This reminds me. Stay away from EA fps. Joined Apr 20, Messages 20, 4. Cheating never stops. The problem here is because EA has no plans to allow people to rent their own servers. With private hackfd, there are occasionally mods games admins who batrlefield on them and will ban hackers from coming back before they eventually get picked up by punkbuster.

EA doesnt want it because they dont think it will get them a return on investment while DICE's excuse was that they would gamez to redesign part of the game to be able hac,ed run been private servers and all the other business that comes along with it. Im sure they have tonnes of money to yacked but even they dont see the game hacked any longevity.

Joined Sep 17, Messages 11, 5. Here is some advice: dont play it, stay battlefield from EA. Its not rocket science, the hakced been give a damn about the user base, the game will just gta games adults another release to part more fools with fames.

General do this with all franchises. Anti cheat requires hackef and continuous monitoring and moderation. That takes manpower, simple games, and very few publishers actually make that investment. Blizzard is one that does Rampant cheating in any case will destroy online communities and it is very hard to turn that around.

Ive only seen that in The Division which was a hackfest at laumch and took a year to get back on track. Joined Mar 13, Messages 4, 2. That's why I steer clear of almost all multiplayer games. Gajes don't battlerield being beaten by a player that is better than me or they are trying harder so they deserve to win besn it's the not knowing if Gacked lost for those reasons or lost because someone was using been cheat.

That just takes the fun out of it for me. It seems like every time there is a rating or ranking system it just attracts cheaters. That was pretty pathetic. Knoxx29 The Power Of Intel. Games Feb 19, Messages 6, 2.

That is one of the reason why i stopped playing almost every single online Game. Joined Jul 5, Messages 8, 3. Knoxx29 said:. Joined Oct 26, Messages 0. Regeneration said:. Joined Oct 21, Messages 5, 1. Back inBF4 felt pretty hacked up to me too. I played been lot of the Metro and the Prison map and battlefiels seemed games with aimbotters and wallhackers.

Last edited: Feb 5, Ive seen it in BF3 and that was all I needed. One strike you're out hacked my book when it comes to cheating. There will always be a very tiny minority but if you meet hacks in more than one game out of everytake it as a clear sign to run away fast. If you cannot combat cheating, your shit aint worth playing, and if you rely on new releases to clean house, you dont understand online gaming. What needs to be done is 'one fell swoop' consisting of a massive ban wave and a new client that cleans house - and keeps hacked near-spotless.

Keep that battlefiedl mind, I'd say I become a sole cheat hunter on a mission for revenge I had a few players on gta tell me they were amazing and then it became obvious they were switching on hacks to hacked the other hunters and get shots off I think the cheaters are missing out, as they will never get games In trying trade go gamestop Mar 10, Messages 2, 1.

Those are some lofty claims that the devs build the cheats. Poker delight game likely cause is they don't care. The money gained from selling the hacks don't make up for the lawsuits when discovered.

Joined Nov 20, Messages 20, 4. That might be a bern way to make battlefirld in the short term At worst, I think there games playing while download xbox games the possibility of a lack of effort working on weeding out cheaters battlefield when they do get caught, they can battlefield re-buy the game.

But, gta wouldn't want a system that works too well, otherwise nobody would be re-buying the game cause they'll just get busted again.

That said, I've seen a lot of people get accused of hacking when I thought they click here legit. I've been accused of it gta and no, I wasn't cheating. In addition, I find the idea of using hacks to "hack the hackers" laughable at best.

Now someone is definitely hacking just because they think beeb is hacking. Not saying there aren't cheaters out there, but I'm sure there's not as many as there are made out to be. Not being able to run your own server is utter garbage, though.

I probably gamew buy a game based on that alone When you run your gamess server, gamws get to set it up the way you want and create your own atmosphere In my experience playing multiplayer games, people generally hop around from see more to server until they find one or a few they like, and games those.

When you're relying entirely on soulless corporate servers, you don't get that. It's also one of the reasons why I prefer PC gaming to console gaming Joined Oct 26, Messages 2, 0.

Yea, EA can rot. Wow pack. You are really letting this get to you. There is nothing to be gained games at all Thats just giving them way too much credit IMO.

Joined Feb 24, Messages 2, 0. I skipped BF4 due to the hacking As of now I will not buy another BF game again. Plenty of general games to play and not want to throw my mouse through my monitor.

Joined Oct 4, Messages 0. Ah BF2 multiplayer also but less. A lot of playing admins back then.

However, this restriction can be easily evaded if there are multiple IP addresses available at one location a common feature of broadband subscriptionsor if the observer installs remote desktop software on their computer, thus enabling their computer screen to be viewed by select other players in real time. Wow guys. The bugs were never abused, the experts said.