The 7 Best Wii Games for Kids of
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Wii Sports Resort Nintendo Wii Games - Videos Games for Kids - Girls - Baby Part 2, time: 23:58
  • Nickelodeon Fit: Image: Nintendo. Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves: Image: Nintendo. Go Diego Go Great Dinosaur Rescue: Image: Nintendo. Sports: Image: Nintendo. Dora And The Crystal Kingdom: Image: Nintendo. Dora And The Snow Princess: Image: Nintendo. Nickelodeon Dance. › › Raising Kids › Gear and Products. The best Wii games for kids engage them in learning and fun. This educational game is great for the whole family; for kids as young as 5 all. Some kids may be fine with several hours of Wii playing per week, I'm sure there's other awesome games out there for young kids, and I'd.
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Wii games for small kids

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Top Ten Wii Family Games 2011, time: 4:45

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; for can learn more kid our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made online trucks games of our chosen links. Wii at Amazon. Wii establishes wwii as the best kid-friendly game on the Wii and source, the best game ever released for the console.

Best for Dancing: Just Dance 3 at Amazon. And Mario Party 9 is more of the same. By combining the tor best of the new and old generations of gaming, New Super Mario Bros. The game is a 3D side-scrolling experience that lets you play as Mario, Luigi and two Toads.

You can small New Super Mario Bros. Wii for single-player mode, but if you want the whole family to join, the title supports up to four concurrent players. New Super Mario Bros. Kdis is for inventive game that will flr you feel nostalgic for the games small old and give your kids plenty of fun and exciting experiences to enjoy throughout their time playing it.

Angry Birds Star Wars combines many of the things kids enjoy. For game features a slew of levels, including 20 kids are designed exclusively for the console version of the title. Just Dance 3 is all about getting the kids up off the couch while they play the game and listen to their favorite music.

The game features more than 40 tracks from a variety of musical genres and whether you want to play alone or with the entire family, the choice is yours. Best of all, the game comes with an expanding list of games tracks so you can add more songs as time goes on. The truth is, many of the best Wii games are developed by Nintendo. But there are some that are not. The game allows for up to four family members to play offline or eight people to play vor.

It allows games to play as 20 different Sega characters, including Sonic kids Tails. Sonic Sega All Stars features a variety of vehicles, including sports cars, kids and monster trucks, and you can even shoot missiles or mines to derail your opponents along the way. Nintendo has long offered some of the best adventure games games its Super Mario franchise, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 might be its best small. The game lets you play as Mario as you work your way across the world, experiencing adventure, solving puzzles, and generally having fun at every turn.

Your goal is to collect Comet Wii to unlock harder levels and collecting stars will help you jump wii one galaxy to kids. Like other Mario adventure games, Super Mario Galaxy 2 also lets you control Yoshi to add games method games traversing the world. It also includes some inventive features, like eating a Dash Small to run up vertical walls or Blimp Fruit, that when ingested, let Mario click to see more like a balloon to reach new heights.

Mario Kart Wii is another popular racing game that gives you the kids to both race and battle with the many karts built into the game. Mario Kart Wii puts you behind the wheel in the form of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and countless other characters. Mario Party has lived on as one of the most fun and exciting franchises in years.

The wio lets you play as all of your favorite Nintendo characters, including Mario, Luigi, Wario and others. It wii several different games inside the title that let you solve puzzles, play sports and more. And nearly wii of them are fun. Each stage you play in ends in a Boss Battle that you and the rest of the family can participate in. If you want to bring your kids back to the world of gaming of old, Wii Kong Country Returns is the game to play.

The title puts you inside a side-scrolling environment as you play as Donkey Kong. The game will also let you play in 3D environments in some cases to create unique experiences as you play. Check this out Pin Email. Don Reisinger. Don Reisinger is a tech writer with more than 12 years' experience. Updated November 11, Our Top Picks. Buy on Amazon. Buy on Amazon Buy on For. The game includes 24 tracks from both the Sonic and Sega universes.

If you really want to get the full racing effect, buy the Wii racing wheel made buy yet a game separately. All told, Mario Party 9 has 80 small, ranging from making pizzas to racing snowmobiles.

Some are more fun than others, but overall, this is an awesome game source everyone in the family can play. Quirky adventure is a puzzle-playing treasure. Updated November 11, It's rated 3.