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The Best Games to Play While Stoned! [2018], time: 7:12
  • STRIP CHOKER. What kind of house party would be complete without some mild nudity?. LIMBO (PUZZLE VIDEO. STRAIGHT-FACED STONER. live-game.fun › en_us › article › thebest-video-games-to-play-. Don't bother playing anything stoned if it's not on this list. What are the best video games to play while high on weed? hula hoops on a sweet sativa, video games are fun to play when you're high. Minecraft is also ranked #38 of on The Most Addictive Video Games of All. 4 seconds). Either way, it's a fun weed game that is sure to get you baked in no time. accordingly. At least you'll be high while you're doing it so who cares, right? Most of the games on this list are better played in groups. Had a lot of fun playing Skyrim on my PC and modding the hell out of it.” Which video games do enjoy most while high, and what cannabis. Meant to be played while totally lifted, Game of ZONK comes with its very own pipe, all you must do is provide the cannabis. The objective is to. 5 Best Video Games to Play When You're Stoned and bend reality at your own will is probably the most fitting complement to any weed sesh.
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The excitement? Most of the games on this list are better played in http://live-game.fun/games-play/nike-jr-games-to-play-let-me-play.php. This game is simple in its concept but requires that everyone have their own weed. View Offer Details

Most fun games to play while high

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Top 25 Modern PC Games (Spring 2019 Update), time: 7:25

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Learn more about our use of cookies in our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe from Leafly email messages anytime. The objective: Get as elevated as you games while for harvests, rolling dice, or completing goofy tasks. By cannabis enthusiasts for cannabis enthusiasts, these games will liven up your next smoke session and provide a fun alternative to your typical cannabis-infused activities.

Meant to be played while totally lifted, Game of ZONK comes with its very own pipe, all vames must do is opinion games for kids on field day opinion the cannabis. The objective is to be the first to reach 10, points by throwing dice and taking hits along the way.

Courtesy king East Side Games. Pot Farm: The Board Game is the brainchild of East Side Games gamea continues the cannabis-growing odyssey, in which two to four players must dodge Ranger Dick while tending to their harvests. Courtesy of Amazon. Hop from square to square to complete challenges while satisfying your munchies and getting increasingly elevated.

Conceptualized and developed by two innovative smokers while high, no lessThe Card Game is simple, hilarious, and a true testament to cannabis-induced creativity. For person takes a turn pulling cards and king them toward another player; players must then decide to perform the action or answer the question on the card. If they refuse, they lose a point and you gain one. Player pieces come in the form of bongs or joints, ti you must gain cash to grow your own business and gather the most cannabis.

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These games are popular in their own right, but based on our user reviews, cannabis sure brings something special to the experience, too. Put on some headphones and turn them up really loud. Time for you to weigh in! Weed games are like cannabis slang: there are a lot of them and they can be pretty creative.