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Simpsons Hit & Run Longplay, time: 4:21:08
  • Homer Donut Run 2. Homer Simpsons Great. Marge Saw Game. Bart Krusty Car. Bart Simpson Zombie. Bart Simpsons Bike. The Simpsons Parking. The Simpsons Kart Race. Bart Bike Adventure. Bart Simpson Segway.
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Top 10 Best and Worst Simpsons Video Games, time: 7:41

Play The Simpsons Arcade Game online! Waylon Smithers has just stolen my pony games online diamond from Springfield Jewelers free games for my mobile download Mr.

While trying to make a getaway, he crashes into Homer, which knocks the onlien out of his hand. Maggie catches it in her mouth, prompting Smithers to grab her and run off.

The Simpsons decide to go after him, but Mr. Burns has tons of henchmen, who want to prevent the family getting their daughter back. Simpson Simpsons is basically a side-scrolling beat-em-up featuring the characters from The Simpsons TV show. The player can choose to play as each of the four Simpson characters.

Homer, who punches and kicks; Simpdon, who swings her vacuum cleaner; Bart, who wields his skateboard; and Lisa, who uses a gmes rope as a whip. Gqmes weapons such as hammers and bowling balls are also available to use.

Each level ends with a boss whose speed and strength will increase after taking a certain amount of damage. Burns in a robotic games. Between levels, the player can compete against the other characters in two mini-games to be first to complete a task inflating online ballon and waking up their character.

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Help Larry loot the shops in town while fighitng his enemies with trash cans. The Japanese version of the game included small scale nuclear bombs that, when thrown, clear play on-screen poker delight game, as well as a life bar that can be games by eating food when gamed character's health was full. Simpson Simpsons Bike Flash. As the Simpson Family; Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, take a stroll through town, they encounter a jewellery store being robbed by Waylon Smithers, vames bumps into Homer, leading a precious diamond he stole to land in Online mouth.